• Associate Professor

Condensed Matter Theoretical Physics

  • Building Manager

Responsible for the management of all facilities associated with the Physics department as well as laboratory safety. Serves as liaison to Physical Facilities and Environmental Health & Safety. Oversees department Purchasing, Receiving and Storeroom.

  • 805.893.2540
  • Broida 1311
  • Graduate Student
  • Undergraduate Advisor

Serves as Undergraduate Advisor, working with students and faculty in all aspects of undergraduate education.

  • 805.893.4567
  • Broida 3019C
  • Professor

Experimental Soft Matter and Biological Physics 

  • 805.893.2815
  • Broida 4419
  • Assistant Professor

High Energy Theoretical Physics 

  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 805-893-2216
  • Broida 6215
  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • 805-893-2216
  • Broida 6215
  • Graduate Student
  • Trailer 939, Room 1001
  • Graduate Student
  • Trailer 939, Room 1002
Elise Drake
  • Financial Area Analyst

As a member of the financial unit, manages accounts within the recharge database and assists with accounting, extramural fund administration and payroll.

  • 805.893.3880
  • Graduate Student
  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Machine Shop Manager

Responsible for the management of the Physics Machine Shop which provides engineering services, consultation, design, fabrication and machining for research and instruction projects. 

  • 805.893.2728
  • Physical Sciences Bldg- South 1719A
  • Professor

Gravitational Physics

Johan Eckdahl
  • Development Technician

He is working on building silicon detector modules for the CMS Calorimeter at Cern.  He is helping develop assembly techniques to be able to assemble these modules using manual and robotic methods.  Much of this work is done using LabVIEW software.  He also uses a variety of inspection tools to measure the accuracy of the assembled parts. Research for the CMS High Granularity Calorimeter at CERN.

  • Adjunct
  • Researcher

High Energy Theoretical Physics.

  • Professor Emeritus
Profile of Zak
  • Instructional Lab Assistant


Assists in the setup and teardown of instructional labs and maintains and repairs instructional lab equipment.

  • 805.893.2627
  • 3217A Broida Hall
  • Graduate Advisor

Serves as Graduate Advisor, working with students and faculty in all aspects of graduate student education, including admissions.

  • 805.893.4646
  • Broida 3019D
Photo of Erin Ferguson
  • Purchasing Coordinator

Responsible for the operation of the Physics Purchasing and Receiving units.

  • 805.893.2540
  • Broida 1311 (Bldg 572)
  • Professor

Condensed Matter Theoretical Physics

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • 805-893-8802
  • Broida 5125