QUANTA: QUAntum Nano-Technology Award

QUANTA: QUAntum Nano-Technology Award


The Quantum Nano-Technology Award (QUANTA) is a research based award given annually to students and graduate mentors with a focus on developing pioneering research in quantum and nano-technology.. With this award, students will be given the opportunity to gain experience working in UCSB’s world renowned nanofabrication facilities necessary for both graduate school and industry work by receiving a generous stipend covering over 100 cumulative hours of clean room time as well as a $500 stipend for personal expenses. 


The QUANTA application deadline is June 30th


Undergraduate Student Eligibility

•Students who will graduate in June 2022 are NOT eligible for this award. 

•Juniors and seniors


Graduate Student Eligibility:

•New graduate students that begin graduate school the Fall following the QUANTA Award are ineligible. 

•Students must not be on filing or personal leave for the previous quarter and/or the following quarter after the QUANTA Award. 




  • Letter of recommendation from the PI for the undergraduate student
  • Personal/Research Statement (2 pages, prepared by the undergraduate student). This  can be recycled for their future graduate school proposals/awards or industry internship)
  • Research proposal (2 pages, prepared by the undergraduate and their PI)
  • Clean room/nanofabrication experience is highly recommended but not required
  • It is anticipated that fellowship awardees will pursue senior honors thesis during their awarded academic year and express their intent to do so.  In addition, undergraduate promise, experience, and GPA in their major will factor into the decision for funding. Please put your name in the top corner of your document.
  • Transcript (from Gold) of the undergraduate student.
  • Send the complete PDF file to Prof. Dirk Bouwmeester (bouwmeester@ucsb.edu) . Be sure to say QUANTA candidate in the theme of the email and name the file as follows: Undergraduate Student's Last Name_Graduate Student's Last Name_Faculty Advisor's Last Name.

For all other questions and suggestions: Eve Bodnia ebodnia@ucsb.edu