2019 Hertz Fellow - Dolev Bluvstein

Award Recipient: 

Dolev Bluvstein, Physics Senior

Award Date: 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

 The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing groundbreaking applied science with real-world benefits for all humanity, has announced the 2019 recipients of the prestigious Hertz Fellowship.  

Drawing from nine of the country’s most prestigious research universities, 11 young researchers were selected from a pool of more than 840 applicants to receive up to five years of academic support valued at up to $250,000. Along with the funding, Fellows will also be free of many constraints typical of other fellowships, providing them the freedom to pursue innovative research wherever it may lead. 

Dolev Bluvstein (UC Santa Barbara; Physics) — Dolev Bluvstein approaches nanoscale technology with the ambition to revolutionize the capacity of humans to understand the universe and master its behavior. He has joined the growing wave of research in quantum information science that could potentially transform modern computing, communications, and biological and environmental sensing. His interests involve technologically harnessing the unique rules of quantum mechanics, which dictate the laws of physics at atomic and subatomic scales. A senior physics major at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Bluvstein’s work includes exploiting an atomic-sized defect in diamond to reshape nuclear magnetic resonance technology — an advancement that could have far-reaching implications in biology and medicine.

Dolev Bluvstein, 2019 Hertz Fellow