Physics Department Statement of Solidarity

June 11, 2020

The UCSB Physics Department expresses its strongest support for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, who continue to face racism and discrimination. The recent tragic events across the country have brought again into sharp focus the enormous long-term and persistent injustice faced by members of these groups. In our Department, we have a particular responsibility to help those who are in or who aspire to be in the physics community. We are committed to fully supporting the educational and career development of Black and non-Black people of color who are students, physicists, and staff as they pursue their goals, and to providing them with an environment in which they can excel and thrive.  We stand with our Black Students and colleagues of color and will not tolerate racism.

Claudio Campagnari, Physics Department Chair

David Berenstein, Physics Department Vice Chair


June 16, 2020

At a faculty meeting on June 15, the Physics Department Faculty reaffirmed the statement signed by our Chair and Vice Chair. We appreciate the input we received from the student community that has helped us further reflect on the racism that permeates our society and institutions. We affirm that Black lives matter. We condemn police brutality. We are committed to centering the voices of Black students at UCSB and in the Physics Department.