APS 2023 Einstein Prize Recipient: Gary T. Horowitz

Award Recipient: 

Gary T. Horowitz

Award Date: 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

From APS website:


"For fundamental contributions to classical gravity and gravitational aspects of string theory."

Einstein Prize

This prize recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the field of gravitational physics. The prize consists of $10,000 and a certificate citing the contributions of the recipient. It also includes an allowance for the recipient to travel to a meeting of the Society to receive the award and deliver a lecture. It is awarded biennially in odd-numbered years.

Establishment & Support

The prize was established by the Topical Group on Gravitation (now Division of Gravitational Physics) in 1999. It is supported by friends of the Division, including major support from David Lee.


Gary T. Horowitz, taken from APS website
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