Worster Symposium - Friday October 14, 2022

Event Date: 

Friday, October 14, 2022 - 2:00pm

Event Location: 

  • MSB Auditorium Room 1302

The 2022-23 Worster Symposium will be held this Friday, October 14, at 2pm in the MSI Auditorium, Room 1302.   

The Worster family graciously supports research development in physics through funding of a mentoring program that pairs undergraduates with graduate students for a 10-week summer research program.  Please join your students and colleagues on Friday at 2pm for presentations of these summer research projects!

Program Agenda

2:00 PM Room available for students to check AV and practice their tasks
3:00 PM Refreshments, Meet & Greet
Professor Crystal Martin
3:10 PM Welcome
3:15 PM “Searching for Millicharged Particles: Probing a Portal to the Dark Sector”
Sam Alcott, Ryan Schmitz, David Stuart
3:30 PM “Development and Characterization of a Modified Phage for Versatile End Labeling”
Changyuan Wang, Raymond Adkins, Zvonimir Dogic
3:45 PM “Building an All-Optical Probe of Magnetization to Study a Novel Topological Phase Transition”
Jacob Nie, Richen Xiong, Chenhao Jin
4:00 PM “Solving the Feedback Puzzle in Young Galaxies, One Cluster at a Time”
Yuan Li, Zixuan Peng, Crystal Martin
4:15 PM “Dynamics in Neutron Star Accretion Introduced by Magnetic Opacity”
Xin Sheng, Lizhong Zhang, Omer Blaes
4:30 PM “Scalable 3D Ion Traps for Quantum Information Science and Beyond”
Chaoshen Zhang, Sean Buechele, Andrew Jayich
Worster Symposium Program Agenda