Extramural Budget & Fund Management

Extramural Budget & Fund Management

The Physics Department provides the following Extramural services to Faculty and Researchers:

  • Proposal and Budget Preparation and Submission
  • Financial Reports (web-based)
  • Budget Projections
  • Pre and Post Award Management
  • Request for Advanced Spending  (RAS)
  • No Cost - Extension Submission
  • Award Closeout
  • Interpreting Award Conditions


Rita Makagon
Contracts & Grant Manager
Broida Hall 3413
Phone/Fax: 805-893-2582

Anne Turley
Contracts & Grant Analyst
Broida Hall 3409
Phone/Fax: 805-893-5433

Rob Marquez
Contracts & Grant Analyst

Ian Kyle
Contracts & Grant Analyst



 Extramural Forms

a. Form 99

b. RAS

c. Biography

d. SK Form _100_commitment

e. Final Patent

f. Partial Tax Exemption Form

All other Physics Funding Sources:

State General Funds, Startup, Discretionary, Chair, Endowments,
Special Projects, UCRA, FRAP, Summer Session, Gift Funding....


Financial Manager
3019E Broida Hall
Phone/Fax: 805-893-8425