Physics Materials Management

Physics Materials Management


The Department has taken the following proactive steps with the Physics Materials Management to promote social distancing and protect the health of all members of our physics community:

 The Storeroom and Physics Purchasing Office will be closed until further notice.   

 Physics Purchasing will continue to provide service to the campus utilizing email

communication. All inquiries should go through

Welcome to the Physics Department Materials Management Homepage! Physics Materials Management provides a variety of services for today’s physicist on the go, including the Physics Storeroom (stocked with items for immediate purchase), the Physics Purchasing office (for ordering items not available in the storeroom), building and room access, equipment management, shipping services, and safety information.

For more information on any of these services, check out these links:

Physics Storeroom
Physics Purchasing
Building Access
Equipment Management
Shipping and Receiving
Building Safety

Physics Materials Management

Erin Ferguson

Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping

805-893-2540 x2

Daniel Stack

Physics Building Manager


805-893-2540 x3

Fred Buckley Physics Storeroom Manager 805-893-2540