UCSB Physics Purchasing Office

UCSB Physics Purchasing Office

The Physics Purchasing Office is responsible for acquiring products for Physics faculty, staff and students. Items available for purchase include lab equipment, office supplies, computers, and hardware, as well as specialty items including gases, chemicals and hazardous materials.


What We Do

The Physics Purchasing Office contacts the vendor(s) you choose to order products from and supplies these vendors with the necessary info (such as account number, purchase order number, shipping information, etc.).

Purchase Request Form

Frequently Used Vendors

There are several vendors we order from on a regular basis due to reliability, familiarity, and availability of product. While you’re not required to order from them specifically, you might want to check out their online catalog. Keep in mind that this list is far from exhaustive.

A Bit of Everything



Hardware & Tools

Lab Supplies

Office Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions the Purchasing Office receives. If you don’t see the answer to your questions here, feel free to email or call:  Erin Ferguson, 893-2540 x2, Physics Purchasing Coordiator, for more information.

What is a purchase order form?
A purchase order (or “ PO” for short) form is simply a form you fill out with the relevant info needed for us to place your order. A PO form is needed for every order we place.

Where can I get a purchase order form?
You can access a blank form online or you can fill out a hard copy in Broida 1311. They’re located on the clipboard on the receiving counter.

How do I submit a purchase order form?
If you’re filling one out online (or scanning a hard copy), you can e-mail a copy to pos@physics.ucsb.edu. Hard copies can be dropped off in the Purchasing Office in the bin marked “Purchase Order Requests” located on the wall under the clock near the exterior doors. The e-mail method is preferred since it provides the sender with an e-mail confirmation and allows us to save an electronic copy.

Can I use my own purchase order form?
Some groups use a different form than the one we provide. While we prefer you use this form, you are free to use other forms as long as your request contains all the necessary information we need to place the order.

Can I place an order with any vendor?
No. Many vendors will not accept the terms of our purchase orders, and others will not accept credit cards. Also, depending on the product you wish to order, we may be contractually obligated to order from a specific vendor. Please check with the Purchasing Office for more information.