TA Resources

TA Resources

1) Expectations of Physics TAs and Supervising Faculty
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2) Physics Department TA Mentors
The Physics Department's TA Mentors are experienced, outstanding teaching assistants who help our new TAs become comfortable and proficient in their interactions with students. The TA Mentors observe one or more of each new TA's discussion sections, and then sit down with them individually to discuss areas of strength and areas in which new TAs may need to think more about their approach. These discussions are confidential, and are not included in any Departmental evaluation of TA performance; however, it is mandatory that new TAs participate. The TA Mentor Observation Form contains a list of the elements of good teaching that the Mentors look for in their observations.

3) GradLife's TA Tips
» http://www.physics.ucsb.edu/~gradlife/TAguide.html

4) Instructional Lab Guidelines and Tips

Guidelines for the First Day of Lab
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Lab Management Tips
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Health & Safety: A Guide for TAs from Environmental Health & Safety
» http://www.ehs.ucsb.edu/units/labsfty/labrsc/factsheets/TA%20guide_FS11.pdf

5) Helping Students in the Physics Study Room handbook
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6) The Art of Questioning -- a guide on how to ask/answer questions, dialogs, and discussions
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7) TA Development Program, provided by the Office of Instructional Consultation
» http://oic.id.ucsb.edu/ta-development-program

8) Exam Printing

Instructions for printing assistance


Resource Links Updated 2022

EGRADES Information


Add Codes

The process by which a student can be added to a course with a direct code

·        Add codes only work during students pastimes

·        Faculty/Advisers handle add codes for lectures

·        TAs handle add codes for sections/lower division labs

Section Switching

·        Students will want to switch times with another student or if space is available in a particular section

·        TAs will handle section switches through add codes


·        After all sections of a course have filled up a student can waitlist a course

·        Students are automatically added based on placement or added based on criteria

·        Students can “crash” a lecture/discussion section if possible to get off the waitlist

Lab Policies

·        Lab policies are different because of space and safety issues

·        “Crashing” is not allowed in labs

·        Lab switches do not begin until after the second week of instructions (Put that on GauchoSpace)

Checking Out Course Textbooks


·        Email Cooper/Peer Adviser with book name, course number, and phone number

Make Up Exam and Review Room Request


Disabled Students Portal


·        Service provided to students that provide in class and testing accommodation including extended time for quizzes and exams

·        Cooper is the department Proxy for DSP exams

·        You will have access to DSP Portal to see students who qualify for accommodations in your class