Innovation & Collaboration

A graduate student in Professor Bouwmeester’s lab measures optical properties of photonic crystal microcavities.

Professor Elisabeth Gwinn working with graduate students.

Superconducting qubits (Martinis lab) may revolutionize quantum computing.

Photons exchanging information between optical microcavities containing individual electron spins.

Optical network of core-shell quantum dots communicating quantum spin information between nodes.

Grad student Kurt Soto reflected in the 10 meter mirror of the Keck telescope, used to gather data for his PhD thesis.

Imaging and manipulating arrays of single spins in semiconductors.

Scanning Electron Microscope (Hansma lab) measuring bone strength.

Latest News

Postdoc Matt Pelliccione is the 2014 recipient of the Harvey L. Karp Discovery Award

Physicist Leon Balents was nominated for his work on the theory of new topological quantum phases of electrons in condensed matter.

Educating the Next Generation of Leaders

Our Department’s pioneering history and continued success is made possible by the generosity of our donors.

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Open Faculty Positions in Physics

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Beth Gwinn Lab Photo - Graduate Education

Top Five Ranking

We are now ranked among the top five graduate research physics programs according to the 2010 National Research Council rankings.

Our department has outstanding students, postdocs, researchers, staff, and faculty, many of whom have garnered prestigious awards.

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