• Academic Personnel Program Assistant

Coordinates and provides analytical and administrative support to a range of activities pertaining to academic personnel and administrative operations. 


  • 805.419.0074
  • 3019 Broida
  • Development Engineer Associate

As a machinist, works with faculty and researchers to design and fabricate apparatus.

  • 805.893.8638
  • Physical Sciences Bldg- South 1725
  • Learning Assistant Coordinator
  • Lecture Demonstration Coordinator
  • Building Manager

Responsible for the management of all facilities associated with the Physics department as well as laboratory safety. Serves as liaison to Physical Facilities and Environmental Health & Safety. Oversees department Purchasing, Receiving and Storeroom.

  • Systems and Network Administrator

As a member of Physics Computing Services, provides end-user support for workstations, networks and servers.

  • 805.893.8108
  • Bldg 937, Rm 1002
  • Academic Business Officer

Responsible for the administrative management of the Physics department.

  • 805.694.8747
  • 805.893.2740
  • Broida 3019A
  • Contract & Grant Analyst

Extramural Funds Analyst.  Works with faculty and researchers on contract and grant proposal preparation, and pre- through post- award administration.

  • 805.893.5433
  • Broida 3409
  • Storeroom Manager

Responsible for the operation of the Physics Storeroom as well as building keys and doorcodes.

  • 805.893.2540 x3
  • Broida 1311